SSE Fibre broadband - Day 1 "tech support"

For those SSE Broadband customers experiencing technical issues and require assistance
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SSE Fibre broadband - Day 1 "tech support"

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A quick note for people who have signed up for SSE Fibre, and are awaiting the Internet to work....!

The SSE joining process seems to take a bit longer than BT Broadband (4 weeks, in our case, from ordering to engineer install, compared to 7 days when I ordered BT Infinity, four years ago at a previous address)

Yesterday, 26/07 we lost internet connectivity as expected, sometime around "early doors". Plugging in the supplied router showed a line connection at 75/20, but no Internet connection.

Engineer called, he was at the cabinet swapping over the line pairs (odd, but hey ho), and would arrive withing 15mins. Can't praise the guy enough, sterling job, and sorted out a wiring issue we didn't know we had, which increased the line rate to 79.98/20, and increased SNR from 6db to 12db.

No Internet connection. Odd, as when I had Infinity it worked as soon as the engineer installed the line. Looking at the router logs, is showed PPP authentication failures. It also showed the connection configuration as ADSL, PPOA, and NO password for the username ( or similar). I wasn't happy with the config...!

Called SSE, and spent 40mins on hold.. to the wrong number. Eventually put through to broadband support, who told me that the connection would not be live until the engineer finished all customer tasks, returned to BT and uploaded his work sheet, which would then trigger the "go live" process for the Internet... ie, create the account on the AAA (TACACS?) servers at SSE/Daisy/BT. This would happen at any time up until midnight. They also informed that the configuration was correct, and gave me the password for the config@ssebb account)

This didn't sound right to me; best practice dictates that the service is ready to go live as soon as the physical line is live, so that issues can be identified, and where possible rectified, whilst the engineer is still there, and not leave a customer waiting for service.

Waited, and waited. Nothing to lose, so I set the configuration to

Type: VDSL
Routed Type: PPPoE
username -
password -

The supplied username and password (config@ssebb) did NOT work. But in the supplied box is an account for Nettelligence. Enter that username and password into the router, and voila... instantly the service was live.

I think SSE product management have a slight internal communications problem ;)
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Re: SSE Fibre broadband - Day 1 "tech support"

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alewis wrote: I think SSE product management have a slight internal communications problem ;)
I would agree with that. I have a engineer coming on Friday for a fault. My text message tells me I have an installation scheduled for Friday!!!

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