Product Information - SSE Ultrafast Fibre Broadband with Talk Anytime package - £21.00

Questions related to those who have not yet signed up for the SSE Broadband service and want to ask questions regarding the service before joining.
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Product Information - SSE Ultrafast Fibre Broadband with Talk Anytime package - £21.00

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Incl. VAT at 20%. 18 month contract (Talk), 18 month contract (Broadband)
£5.00 call bundle, £0.00 broadband and £16.00 line rental per month. It's an 18-month fixed term contract for both the broadband and phone services. Paper bills will cost £1 per month extra. Some call features will also come at an additional cost – please read Talk Contract 15: Products and prices from 17 September 2015.

FREE unlimited fibre broadband for 18 months with our Talk Anytime package

Truly unlimited downloads – stream and download as much as you like

Download speeds of up to 76 Mbps – see 'Your broadband speed is' section for details

No connection charges

An easy to set-up wireless router with no delivery charge

Includes local and national calls at any time as well as calls to 20 international countries – see Important Information for full package details

An 18-month subscription to our Internet Security Suite to help you stay safe online

Access to exclusive presale tickets for some of the UK's biggest entertainment and sport events with SSE Reward

Transfer time
We aim to provide your phone and broadband services together, which can take up to 23 days. We'll let you know if it's going to take longer than this.

Included calls
We'll include calls to numbers beginning 01, 02 and 03 for up to 70 minutes. If you still need to talk for longer, simply hang up and redial before 70 minutes to avoid additional charges.

We'll also include calls to 0845 and 0870 numbers for up to 70 minutes. However, this doesn't include calls to indirect access numbers or dial-up Internet access. We've set a fair use policy with a maximum of 1,000 minutes or 150 calls a month. If you go over this, we'll charge for the extra calls.

We'll include calls to international landline numbers in our list of included countries for up to 70 minutes as well. We've set a fair use policy with a maximum of 700 minutes a month. After this, we'll charge you for the extra calls.

We don't include calls to personal numbers beginning 070.

About this offer
Offer ends 14 November 2016.

Terms and conditions apply – see the link below. Other call charges may apply. Installation charges may apply. GB residential customers only and geographical exclusions apply.

You'll need to keep your phone and broadband with us for the whole of the 18- month contract term to benefit from this offer.

So, if you change your phone package or your phone service provider, then you'll no longer benefit from the free SSE Ultrafast Fibre Broadband and will need to pay the standard price for your broadband. This is £25 per month if you downgrade your phone package to Talk Weekend or Talk Evening and Weekend, or £35 with no phone package. For more information, see the 'Definitive Prices' section below.

Termination charges
If you wish to leave your phone contract after the cancellation period, but before the end of your fixed term, you'll need to pay a termination charge. This will be £7.75 for each month remaining from your 18-month fixed term.

If you wish to leave your broadband contract after your service start date, but before month 12 of your contract, you'll need to pay a termination charge. This will be £26.50 for each month remaining up to month 12. There's also a one-off charge of £33 if you leave at any time during the 18-month term.

Please see the 'Definitive Prices' section below for more information on cancellation and termination fees.

If you've already got a phone and/or broadband fixed-term contract with us, you can still get this offer. But you may need to pay a fee to end your existing contract early.

We'll show the offer as a discount on your bill. Once the offer period ends, we'll start charging the full price for your broadband, which is currently £25 per month. This is unless you have signed up to a new contract, in which case the terms of that new contract will apply.

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