Transfer due to complete on 20th of June

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Transfer due to complete on 20th of June

Postby Doogie » Thu Jun 09, 2016 2:13 pm

Hello all,

Two days ago I received an email and text message from BT, confirming I would leave them on the 20th of June. Never had any issues with BT, but they were not able to compete on price. 21 pounds vs 63 pounds monthly spend for all inclusive incl. international calls. They offered to drop the price to 53 pounds. I told them I would be back if SSE does not live up to their promises...

Today I received the SSE modem/router. I fired it up and connected to it via ethernet no problem. Managed to set up the home network and DHCP address range no problem. Already assigned static IP-addresses to the various devices that will connect to it once it is up and running, so hopefully it will just be a question of swapping cables from one box to another on the day itself..

I have not received any welcome pack yet, but there are still 11 days to go.

I have been keeping a log of my current internet speeds here, mostly as a reference so I can compare once I have switched.

One question though: does SSE offer static IPs?

Keep you posted..

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Re: Transfer due to complete on 20th of June

Postby admin » Thu Jun 09, 2016 2:55 pm

Hi Doogie,

I received my transfer date from SSE on the day after I was connected (I relied on the information provided by my previous supplier BT).

I do believe that you can get a static IP address from SSE and that there is no charge for this - just available on request, but I haven't done this myself so cannot really comment too much on that.


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Re: Transfer due to complete on 20th of June

Postby Doogie » Fri Jun 10, 2016 8:43 pm

Received my welcome pack today. In the contract confirmation there are two things I'd like to mention.

First the selection for paper-free billing was unchecked, even though I requested paperless billing.
Secondly the selection for receiving marketing email was ticked, even though I am sure this was unticked when I signed up.

A quick phonecall ( apart from the waiting-for-an-operator-part ) to SSE sorted these things out. Although I can only select paperless billing once my line is active?!

Now I have to wait until the 20th comes along...

Keep you posted...

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Re: Transfer due to complete on 20th of June

Postby Marksfish » Fri Jun 10, 2016 9:12 pm

Take a look at your online account, it gives you the option there. Also, don't worry about the payment period being quarterly, I queried that yesterday and was told it was because their systems can't handle monthy payment. So, although we will be billed monthly and direct debits called for, as far as SSE systems are concerned we pay quarterly. Go figure!!


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