How multi thread testers hide congestion

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How multi thread testers hide congestion

Postby Marksfish » Wed Jul 06, 2016 9:15 pm

I have just seen this explanation posted on the TBB site. Shows why ISP's prefer to use the BTW tester as opposed to others:

Quote from ukhardy07 on TBB

BT speedtester is multi threaded. I believe it uses 9 threads but could be wrong.
Let me use a basic analogy to explain this to you. Lets say I have 10Mbps bandwidth between 2 houses.

House 1 downloads a file. House 2 downloads a file. Both houses get 5Mbps each.

Now, instead, house 1 downloads a file with 9 threads. House 2 downloads a file with 1 thread.

House 1 now gets 9Mbps, House 2 gets 1Mbps.

See how multi-threaded downloads mask congestion...

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